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Our respective Clients:

19TTW exports 60% of the production to its global customers, spread across more than 12 countries, including the Middle East, Europe and Asia. And this network is growing.

Being a leader in the industry, the Company believes in nothing less than excellence. Top Industrial minerals continued success is the direct result of the trust its clients have placed in its quality and services.
Our service, our quality is second to none.
We are constantly devoting ourselves to launching and upgrading our industrial minerals in order to meet the market requirements worldwide.


We have earned the faith of many prestigious organizations like EDFO, KEMA and many others by offering them high grade Industrial Minerals at competitive prices.

Our commitment to the highest standards has instilled trust in the clients who depend on us for regularly supplying the Industrial Minerals of superior quality. Thus, our collective team efforts have helped us to garner huge clients for the company.

Egyptian Company for Ferroalloys - EDFO:


Produces, promotes, distributes and exports the ferrosilicon 75% & Microslica in the international and domestic markets. The plant is located in Edfu city- Aswan, overlooking to the great Nile River on one side and the temple of Edfu on the other side. The company has four furnaces each 25 MVA producing 50 thousand M.T. FESI per annum. Efaco is one of the belonging companies of the metallurgical Holding company in Egypt.

The Efaco Ferro-silicon plant is considered to be the largest industrial integrated center for the production of the Ferro-silicon alloy in the Middle East.

Its production is used in the industries of iron and steel. The output of Ferro-silicon is based on the availability of the local raw materials required for the industry.


The company has a marketing crew and long term arrangements with customers in Europe, Japan and USA who all have a high standard of efficiency and experience.

The Egyptian Company for Ferro Alloys in the forefront of leading companies in the Middle East region that is highly competitive market.

The Egyptian Chemical Industries – KIMA

 In 22/3/1956 the Council of ministers passed the establishment decree of Factories for production nitrogenous fertilizers and the chemical materials (KIMA).
The actual production started in 1960 with production capacity 1593 tons of fertilizer / day by 20.5% nitrogen fertilizer equivalent to 2106 tons / day 15.5%.c1

The main Products:
Ammonium nitrate - high density, Pure Ammonium Nitrate - low density, ferrosilicon alloy, liquid Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer and prilled Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer nitro kima fort.

The secondary Products
Nitrogen gas with high purity, oxygen gas, liquid Ammonia, aqua- Ammonia, Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid and Silica fume

The Ferrosilicon factory: produce the ferrosilicon alloy in Electric furnace from iron scrap and quartz.

ferrosilicon alloy produce till 75% silicon powder or flag stones according to the requirements of each customer and used in manufacturing the steel.
it is known as Microsilica. Amorphous powder with Particles approximately 100 times Smaller than the average cement particle. It is highly effective pozzolanic material. Its Infrastructure is "SiO2-X H2O".

Our well trained and talented professionals help us, exceeding our clients' expectations and delivering every product with a speed and accuracy unparalleled in the industry.

We have been build trust business relation and long term cooperation  over the past years with both EDFO and KIMA companies, So we become main supplier of Silica Quartz to our respective partners.

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About Top Trad Way

“TopTradeWay (TTW)” is a highly successful entrepreneurial Group Company in the mining and quarry Industry, supplies various Raw Materials such as Aggregates, Silica quartz, silica sand, feldspar and many others.

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