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    Phone: + 202 3 77 66 8 99
    Mobile: +20 010 171 000 70
    Mobile: +20 111 9 52 52 82
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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    We are pleasured to service you/company all the time. We sincerely want to make long term relationship in the future.
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Why Us

Success comes from Profession.

 TopTradeWay (TTW) insists on the tenet of "People, Honesty and Quality Oriented". We endeavor to create the values for our customers under the principle of "Quality First" and "Customers First". TTW will strive for innovation and pursue perfection to provide the best services for our customers and redound upon the society.15

  •  We have a professional service team of over 25 people, including the outstanding elites of R&D, production management and sales.
  •  TTW provides minerals solutions as per the latest requirement of the market.
  •  Our products have been tested and approved by elite industries globally.
  •  Our R&D dept. develop products to meet the customize requirements for our business partners to give them maximum benefits on basis of our products for cost efficiency and quality parameters.
  •  Strong hold on material sources to promise long term consistent supply.
  •  We use latest manufacturing for best output.
  •  We are appreciated for maintaining quality and consistency of our products.
  •  Extensive years of experience which adds to our stability and growth.


Why TTW Pink& Green aggregates Marble?

TTW pink & green marble is an effective way of adding natural color and contrast in a variety of applications. It can make a house stand out from its neighbors and add value, it can provide depth and contrast to a landscaping project and it can even enhance a world class golf course like Gleneagles.

Formed millions of years ago from molten lava, TTW marble is acknowledged as having the best combination of cooler, surface texture and strength of all the pink& green aggregates available in the market. Indeed it is to be found all around the World where cooler and quality is essential. Cheaper alternatives are available, but before settling for second best, please give us chance to deal with us. TTW marble aggregate will last a lifetime so why start out with an inferior product?2

We have built our reputation on quality, service and attention to detail.  There are other materials in the market but when you specify TTW pink & green or buy direct from  TTW, then you can rest assured that you will  receive the finest red aggregates in the business.  We are also a  reliable quality assured source in Europe area  for construction aggregates, concrete aggregates and ready-mix  concrete, railway material or decorative aggregate for your driveway.

We have the strong work team and full passion. Our main principle is in pursuit of excellent and favors development. We have focused special attention on upgrading of products quality and management systems then keep the friendly and mutually respectful partnership with our customers.

Success comes from profession.

TopTradeWay(TTW) group

About Us

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About Top Trad Way

“TopTradeWay (TTW)” is a highly successful entrepreneurial Group Company in the mining and quarry Industry, supplies various Raw Materials such as Aggregates, Silica quartz, silica sand, feldspar and many others.

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