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Pink Aggregate Application

However, commercial landscaping is also on the increase with TTW’s gravel, pebbles and stone chippings now employed in car parks, golf courses and for sports surfaces around the world. TTW RamsesSand- Fine Aggregate –Dust has become a hallmark of tennis courts, football pitches and running tracks. Of course the gravel also retains its original use. With TTW also offering a number of construction materials and drainage solutions, it’s a real problem solver for any commercial landscaping project.

Below Hyperlink for Major Applications-(Just click for quick fetch):

1. Commercial Landscaping
2. Domestic Landscaping
3. Golf Course Pathways
4. Sports Surfaces
5. Terrazzo producing
6. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)
7. Marblesand

Commercial Landscaping


TTW produces a wide range of landscaping materials suitable for commercial use.  Our range includes, decorative pink aggregates, bedding sand, SUDS aggregates, crusher runs and sub-bases.  All of which is produced using the same high quality marble.
From site preparation with filter stone, fills and sub-bases right through to the finished product with landscaping features TTW is your international source for quality assured, cost effective and prompt supplies.

From driveway gravel to stone chippings and pebbles suitable for pathways, gardens and more; our decorative aggregates are frequently used in car parks, on golf courses and as sporting surfaces. Due to their striking natural color, these chippings can transform both domestic and commercial settings while providing comfortable load bearing surfaces.

Our pink decorative aggregates and are widely used for car parks, public amenities and sports surfaces.  Also available is RamsesSand- Fine Aggregate, a manufactured product which remains workable even in the wettest weather.  RamsesSand is a popular choice for bedding concrete and clay paving as well as concrete and natural stone slabs.

So whatever your construction or landscaping needs, TTW has the products for you. You are also assured that all of TTW’s materials meet Europe specifications and that bespoke materials are available if required.

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Domestic Landscaping


12-17MM Cleopatra
17-20MM Sphinx

?    If you want to improve the look and functionality of your home then TTW’s range of decorative pink Aggregates should be your first choice.

?    TTW can revive the look of your pathways and driveways with its range of crushed marble chippings. All are vibrant pink in color and will make your property really stand out from your neighbors.  

?    Among the TTW range for domestic landscaping are the 20mm driveway chippings. Also available 17mm chippings which are particularly popular for use in gardens.  Thanks to their drainage qualities they are well placed as rockery stones; and they are comfortable underfoot if you prefer to use the stone chippings for your driveway, paths or walkways.

?    At TTW we believe that our decorative aggregates are unsurpassed in terms of quality and they are cost effective too.  So if you want to give your property a touch of class then consider importing via the TTW. Just send your requirements online.

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Golf Course Pathways


0-2.5 MM RamsesSand- Fine Aggregate
TTW has a number of landscaping materials available but for golf course paths and buggy tracks our RamsesSand is the answer. It is bright pink in color, impervious to rain or frost and is guaranteed never to break down under traffic.  It has been used on a great number of courses throughout the world and is the number one choice for many green keepers.

One reason that RamsesSand is so popular with golf courses is because its bright pink color will not fade. It is also tougher than its competitors despite being lighter – this means that a ton of this product will cover more ground and yet remain just as durable. Bear in mind that initial rolling is recommended and you might wish to carry out occasional raking as part of the upkeep of your golf course just to ensure the surface remains even and watertight.

However, other than occasional raking, once you have put your pathway RamsesSand in place, chances are you won’t have to touch it again as it requires virtually no maintenance. This is because it is produced from one of the country’s hardest marbles making it extremely hard wearing. It also has the added advantage of being impervious to frost although it is suitably permeable to water.

Where it comes into its own for golf course pathways, however, is that it is well graded and cubical meaning it is easy to compact. This in turn creates a firm surface that is not too harsh to walk on and yet is also ideal for golf carts and buggies.   

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Sports Surfaces


2.5-5 MM Nefertiti

Whether you’re striving to reach the top and match the success of your heroes or just playing for fun, everyone wants their sporting experience to be as close to that of the professionals as possible. That’s why a popular choice for sports surfaces is pink Nefertiti from TopTradeWay (TTW).

Nefertiti is a long established the solution for tennis courts, running tracks and football pitches.

Popular for golf course paths, walkways, amenity areas and cycle paths, Nefertiti is free draining and pleasant to walk on but is capable of carrying heavy loads and will not break down under traffic. It is also impervious to frost. This has made it one of the most sought-after landscape, landscape architects and sports ground contractors and it has successfully replaced lesser materials such as colliery spoil. It is easily compacted and has provided a cost effective and visually attractive solution at many of the Europe’s leading golf courses.

The TopTradeWay (TTW) pink marble Nefertiti however, is a 5mm down crushed marble product with an added binder.  As it is produced from the hardest of marbles it stands the test of time and produces a permeable surface that only requires minimum maintenance – normally in the form of occasional rolling - to ensure the correct level of friction. It is particularly popular for use on tennis courts where it can create extra grab and a friction that pushes against the ball’s horizontal path.

However, you won’t just find TTW pink marble Nefertiti  the tennis court. It also provides a cost-effective surface for football pitches and running tracks being easy underfoot with just the right amount of grip.

Its biggest advantage however, is its striking natural color which actually improves with age, adding a touch of class to any sports surface. You can also use our pink marble Nefertiti for walkways where it is even suitable for those walking barefoot.

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Terrazzo is a composite material poured in place or precast, which is used for floor and all treatments. It consists of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips, sprinkled or un sprinkled, and poured with a binder that is cementations, chemical or a combination of both. Terrazzo is cured, ground and polished to a smooth surface or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured surface.

In general, terrazzo is a mixture of marble chips and colored cement or epoxy that is poured into an area and given time to cure. Once the terrazzo has hardened, it is ground down to expose the interior of the marble chips among the colored matrix.


There are several different terrazzo systems that vary according to their matrices, aggregate, substructure, appearance and texture. Depending on the existing floor, owner preferences or architectural design, there are many suitable options available that will yield a beautiful flooring system.

Terrazzo is an extremely versatile material which can be applied in situ to floors and other surfaces, made into tiles or cast into molds to almost any shape.

It is probably the most widely used of all hard floorings, certainly in heavily trafficked areas. It is to be found in shopping malls, airports, railway and underground stations, hospitals and supermarkets

What does terrazzo consist of?

In addition to marble chips, other materials may be used to complement the terrazzo floor. Glass, metals or mother-of-pearl may be used to create an attractive and unique floor surface. Different sized chips may be used together to create an interesting look.

These aggregates are then mixed into a matrix that may consist of either port land cement, epoxy resin, or some other bonding agent.

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Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

TopTradeWay (TTW)  SUDS

The idea behind the drainage design is straightforward. It is meant to reflect a natural system with low environmental impact to drain away any dirty and surface water before releasing it back into the environment. This counters the negative effects of conventional drainage solutions which can exacerbate flooding and pollution of the environment causing harm to wildlife and leading to the contamination of groundwater resources possibly used for drinking water.

(TTW) aggregates for SUDS are available for all projects ranging from 1-3mm to 40mm single size.

(TTW)  is a range of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) sub-base aggregates that are used in and compliment the variety of systems available in the market today. Rainfall drains through the pervious pavement and filters into the sub-base, either slowly draining into the ground below or stored in the sub base for reuse, preventing pooling on the surface.

(TTW)  sub-base materials for SUDS are widely available. TopTradeWay (TTW) provides:

1    0-2.5 MM RamsesSand- Fine Aggregate -Dust
2    2.5-5 MM Nefertiti
3    5-12 MM Tutankhamun
4    12-17MM Cleopatra
5    17-20MM Sphinx
6    0-40mm (Open Graded).

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0-2.5 MM RamsesSand

High strength, cost effective and with a beautiful texture, TopTradeWay (TTW)  Marblesand has been specially manufactured as a premium bedding material for block paving and concrete slabs. A special blend of Marblesand also available for high strength concrete.

Marblesand is made by washing crushed rock fines to remove the minus 75micron fraction. This creates an extremely durable bedding product with a number of advantages over pit or natural sand.  It will not degrade under the heaviest traffic and its cubical particles give it superior load bearing and stability.  Not only will it remain fully workable no matter what the weather conditions may be, it will help resist traffic deformation of the finished surface.  Marblesand is the smart choice for bedding concrete and clay paving blocks as well as concrete and natural stone paving slabs.

It is also ideal as a concrete sand as it produces a highly wear wear-resistant matrix which is particularly important for commercial grade concrete flooring which has to resist high abrasion in all weathers.  

As with all TopTradeWay (TTW) granite products it was formed millions of years ago from molten lava and while cheaper alternatives may be available once you have laid Marblesand you shouldn’t have to worry about it again - and of course it has the added advantage of its distinctive pink color which will improve with age.

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TopTradeWay(TTW) group

Uses and Applications

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